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Hope you are doing good and everyone around you is safe and secure.

Nowadays a lot of people are falling sick so take care of your health. I was talking to one of my friends recently and she mentioned she is teaching A for apple to her kid who is 3 year old. I personally think we can leave that and focus more on visual discrimination skills as nowadays most schools follow phonics where they would be teaching sounds to kids. 

where  a would have sound /a/ as in ant and each sound is taught with action , story and kids learn how to write letter a. If you have any questions with phonics any time feel free to connect with me. I would love to answer.

Freebie for this week - You can download these tracing worksheets for elder kids by clicking here 

How to teach good touch bad touch

This week we also wrote an article on How to teach good touch bad touch to kids. In case if you would like you can check it out here. We also created posters and activities for the same - you can get it for only for 1 dollar by using this special link.


Some of you had pinged me - if you can get a special deal on all our bundles for preschool and nursery kids as you wanted to homeschool. I have made a big bundle  and you have life time access to it and new preschool bundles I add  - at a ONE time cost only.

If you are in India - here is a discounted price for you to get the preschool bundle. Its a bundle of all digital worksheets you would need for next one year :-)

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If you pay in USD - you can get the deal here 

Believe me where each bundle is being sold at a higher cost - this is a HUGE value for money.

Well that is all for now and I will mail you again next week. Any questions you have feel free to reach out to me on 9810369731

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