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Book Free online coding class today (For age group 6 to 16 years )


I had got some requests for coding classes for elder kids after we launched our coding worksheets for preschoolers.

If you are interested in a free online class please fill below form today.

You can pick a topic of your interest for a free session.

Options :

1. Graphic Design - Our Graphic Design module enables your kids to explore vector graphic design by creating icons, design logos, make posters & banners, define their own brand identity.

2. Game Design - Kids learn problem-solving with the help of flowcharts & step by step plans. They become proficient in 2D & 3D game development & interactive media design including coding.

3. 3D Design and Animation - 3D modeling & animation helps your kids visualize and create their own customized 3D designs. They build animation and learn 3D printing & prototyping.

4. App Design with Coding - Kids go through App design and development along with the basics of visual programming, UI, UX design to create their own fully functional Android apps.

5. Web Design with Coding - Kids learn to build fascinating websites and web apps with the help of modern scripting languages & UI design tools.

6. Coding - Kids learn coding in a fun & interactive way by applying imagination and critical thinking skills to create exciting projects.

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