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Anger management tips for mommies. New phonics set launched ..


One of our VIP members wanted us to design a printable set by which we can teach what starts with each alphabet. 

So here is our next set - (It's FREE for our VIP members)

It also covers the short and long sounds of vowels as that is where most kids and parents are confused

For example, a has two sounds short a - the sound you hear in apple and ant. And the long sound - the sound you hear in words like acorn and airplane.

Also, we discussed in our Facebook group how we moms are getting angrier than usual and I have covered few tips to help with anger management.

You can read the full text in our Facebook group or our Facebook page or my insta profile. Hope it helps.

If there is any other way I can help you. you can always ask me your questions by emailing me on or messaging me on Instagram. Would love to be helpful

I recently also bought a dishwasher and believe me it works with Indian cooking and it has definitely made my life easier. More about this here

So Bye for now and take care

Kind Regards


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