Digraph 'wh/ph' words worksheets for Kindergarten & First grade 1

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Phonics Digraph Word Families are words that have the same beginning/ending letters making them rhyme. Teach your child to read by exposing them to word families. This exposure helps build phonological awareness and can be lots of fun!

This "wh/ph" word family set includes the following worksheets:

Activities included

- Digraph 'wh/ph' word family list mats

- Match pictures with 'wh/ph' words

- 'wh/ph' words Rainbow Tracing

- Cut and Match pictures with 'wh/ph' words or use as flashcards

- Circle the correct word

- Understand initial sounds

- Missing initial sounds

- Cut and Match 'wh/ph' word images

- 'wh/ph' words read trace writing fun

- Find & Circle the 'wh/ph' words

- Draw Pictures

- Puzzles

- 'wh/ph' Word family sorting

- Brainstorm and write 'wh/ph' family words

- Roll & Read 'wh/ph' word family game

- Colouring Fun

- 'wh/ph' words for kindergarten with pictures

- 'wh/ph' Word Search game

- 'wh/ph' family word scramble

- 'wh/ph' word family sentences

- Make sentences: word cards

- Complete the sentences with 'wh/ph' family words and pics

- 'wh/ph' word family stories

- 'wh/ph' word family word wheel spinner game

- 'wh/ph' family word slider

Perfect for preschool and kindergarten-aged children as part of your preschool or homeschool curriculum! Recommended to laminate and add Velcro dots for durability and reusability.

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Digraph 'wh/ph' words worksheets for Kindergarten & First grade 1

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