an word family worksheets pdf – Kindergarten kids

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an word family worksheets pdf – Kindergarten kids

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This downloadable worksheet pack is for introducing "an" family words to kids. It contains multiple activities for early readers to learn how to read and write "an" family words.

15+ activities just on "an" word family

- word family mats featuring rhyming words and pictures

- Matching ‘an’ word family words and pictures. Helps kids practice reading and recognizing pictures

Video: https://youtu.be/nUWExA34MvM

- Rainbow tracing for ‘an’ family words – helps kids in practicing writing skills

- Cut and match worksheets for some fun hands-on phonics games. The cut-outs can also be used as small flashcards

- Circle the correct “an” family word with pictures. Kids have to read and recognize the “an” family words amongst other words.

- Activities to practice the starting sound and writing them for “an” family word

- Cut paste letter activities for engaging fun activities to practice “an” phonics family

- Read trace and write activities to help children practice key handwriting and reading skills

- Find and circle “an” family word. Children have to read multiple words to find words they know so helps them grab the concept by repetition.

- 3 piece “an” family puzzles for some fun hands-on phonics games and brain development.

- Fun dice games to practice “an” family words (Dice helps kids learn in a fun way)

- Coloring by words fun

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