Ultimate Alphabet and Literacy bundle - Phonics for toddlers and nursery kids

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Ultimate Alphabet bundle pack -Fun and playful way to teach the Alphabet - All the resources in one bundle. Great for learning the alphabet, learning individual letter and sounds.

- 50+ worksheets for prewriting and pattern writing for fine motor skills practice (Handwriting essentials for helping kids to develop good hand writing)

- 50+ Alphabet letter coloring pages worksheets – fun way to promote alphabet recognition (Both for Upper case and lowercase)

- 26 Alphabet play dough activity mats with 2 lines dotted tracing for early learners (Hands on fun for learning the letters. Use playdough or stickers on these mats.

- You can also take alphabet cut outs of above printable and create holes to make letter lacing cards)

- 5 types of Alphabet flashcards – letter and picture cards (Great resource for planning multiple hands-on fun activities for children)

- 35+ pages of Alphabet charts and posters for introducing alphabet sounds

- 120+ Alphabet recognition and identification activities (worksheet and clip cards)

- 100+ activities for learning Alphabet sounds - Clip cards, Activity cards and worksheets.

- Fun Cut and paste letter sounds activity in food theme

- 75+ Alphabet letter puzzles and matching clip cards – upper case to lower case and vice versa

- 75+ Alphabet tracing and writing activities worksheets

- 100+ Alphabet activities interactive cards – Great for reusable fun and revision of all concepts (Flashcards, Trace the letter, Letter Sound association, Alphabet and object matching, Alphabet uppercase lowercase matching)

This printable pack promotes Alphabet recognition, identification, letter sound association, visual discrimination and fine motor skills.

They are perfect for age group 2- 4 years who are in preschool and in nursery. It aligns with literacy skills taught before KG and supports school curriculum. Great for people who are homeschooling as it helps you with alphabet activities and resources in one place.

This pack consists of various hands-on activities which covers concepts in a fun way for all types of learner, even those who are reluctant to sit and do activities enjoy activities in this bundle.

This bundle is verified by teachers and tried and tested by parents. Just print from your home or work, and you're set to go in minutes!

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$35 $9

Ultimate Alphabet and Literacy bundle - Phonics for toddlers and nursery kids

1 rating
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